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Self Rule is our birthright, and We shall have it. Self Rule is our birthright, and We shall have it.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
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» Health Facility Details
Number of Primary Health Centres : 67
Number of Hospitals : 13
Number of doctors in Primary Health Centres : 103
Number of doctors in Hospitals : 35
» Programs
Family Planning Program
   According to the guidelines given by Add. Director of Health Services, Pune Family Planning Program is organized since 1955. In this program the family which have 1, 2 and above 3 children have give advise about family planning operation. Operators services are given to the community. Also advise to community for keeping limited family size by using contraceptives like Nirodh, Cut & Oral pills. Under scheme Savitribai Phule benefited Rs.10000/- is given to whom who are under BPL & done F.P. sterilizations on one or two female child.

R.C.H. Program

R.C.H. program is implemented in Ratnagiri district as per the guidelines received from the Additional Director of Health Services F.W. M.C.H. & S.H. Pune-1. Aim of this program is to reduce infant mortality rate & maternal mortality rate. In this program Health Services like ANC checkup, IFA tablets, P.P. are given to all pregnant women in the district. B.C.G., Polio, DPT, Hepatitis 'B' & Measles Vaccine doses are given to the children in the age group of 0 to 1 years. All above Health Services are provided to the beneficiaries on free of cost at Govt. Hospitals, PHC & Sub Centers.

Malaria Campaign

1) Easy case detection & plump treatment
2) Vector Control
3) Promotion of personal protection methods
4) Early detection & containment of epidemics
5) Information, Education & communication towards personal prevention & community participation.

T. B. Control Program

   Government of India had started National TB Control Program in 1962. But even after 30 years of implementation, expected success in TB Control could not be achieve. Therefore revised strategy under the name RNTCP was launched in India in 1992.
    In Ratnagiri District this Revised National TB Control Program was started on 3/9/2001 under this program our district 4 Tuberculosis Units, 20 Microcopy Centers and 459 DOT Centers have been established where the patients taken treatment under direct supervision of DOT Provider. To achieve qualitative and quantitative targets following items are included 
2.Workshop of private Medical Practitioners
3.Identify TB Suspect
5.Registration of TB patients
6.Providing treatment
7.Submission of report
8.Supervision of program implementation
9.Regular supply of drugs
10.Involvement of voluntary Organization/Private Practitioners
11.Social participation

Blindness Control Program

District Blindness Control Society, Ratnagiri as formed under the Chairmanship of Collector, Ratnagiri & registered in 1994. The main objective was to implement National Blindness Control Program and to improve the quality of Cataract Surgery and reduce prevalence of blindness by reducing the Cataract backlog. Second main objective was to screen all school going children with the help of schoolteachers to find out refractive error in students and supply them free spec’s. Third main activity of DBCS is to help people suffering from corneal Blindness by promoting Eye donation and establishing eye banks. People suffering from Diabetes and Glaucoma are also treat at District Hospital.
Funds are given by Control State Government to Society to meet the expenditure. Quarterly meetings are organized and under the Chairmanship of Collector decisions are taken to tackle local problems. Diagnostic Eye Camps are organized at PHC and Rural Hospital levels and patients are taken to IOL centers and Cataract Surgery with IOL implantation is done so that good quality vision.
With the help of Ophthalmic Assistants posted at PHC & Rural Hospitals regular routine eye checkup, follow up Cataract operated patients and Refractive error correction, school eye screening is done.

Leprosy Control Program
This program is aimed at elimination of Leprosy, which means prevalence of Leprosy cases less than 1/1000 population. Another objective is to accomplish integration of Leprosy services with General Health Care Services. The components of program are following.
1)Promotion of voluntary reporting of cases, screening of these suspects by Medical Officer & treatment by M.D.T.
2)I.E.C. activities with emphasis on inter personal communication, aware new generation with latest information technology.
3)Trained all Health Officers, worker, A W W of Leprosy
4)Prevention of impairment of disability & rehabilitation (Medical, Social, Economical) includes Reconstructive surgery.

Pulse Polio Campaign
For Polio free India Pulse Polio Campaign are organized since 1995. In this campaign Polio doses are given to the children’s in the age group of 0 to 5 years. IPPI activity 3 days in rural area & 5 days in urban area is carried out after PPI rounds. Two virological positive cases have been detected in Maharashtra state (Beed - 1 & Mumbai - 1) during year 2006.

AIDS Campaign
The HIV / AIDS has become a major health problem in India and in our state also Maharashtra with estimated 7.43 lakh persons infected with HIV stands second in the country.
Main cases of AIDS: -
1)Unsafe sex with multi partner
2)Unstrained Needles
3)HIV blood transfusion
4)HIV infected mother to child

Focus is given on following Activities :-

1)General awareness on HIV / AIDS
2)Family Health Awareness Campaign
3)School AIDS education program

Special School Health Inspection Program
As per guidelines the Additional Director, F.W., MCH & S.H. Pune the school health program is organized during July 06 to Oct.06 as per action plan prepared.
In this program all students in standard 1st to 5th of all the school in the Ratnagiri district are examine on predetermined dates.
While examination of students under this program who have found minor ailments are treated on spot & to who found susceptive major problems are referred to Rural Hospital for further check-up and managements.
» Publication
» Recruitment - Results
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